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-{{ :​mainpageimage.jpg|“he leads me beside still waters” Psalm 23:2}} 
-{{ :​mainpageimagewithtext.jpg |“he leads me beside still waters” Psalm 23:2}} 
-There has been a Christadelphian Church in Chesterfield 
-since 1948 and we continue to meet regularly for 
-worship and study of the Bible. 
-The Christadelphians are a worldwide religious 
-community who base their beliefs wholly on the Bible, 
-regarding it as fully inspired by God. 
-The name Christadelphians,​ which means brothers and 
-sisters in Christ, was first used in the mid-nineteenth 
-century, but we believe that there have been people 
-who share our beliefs throughout history. We are 
-confidently waiting for Christ to return to earth when 
-he will set up the Kingdom of God. 
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