Charities We Support

Christadelphians support various charities worldwide and in addition have set up organisations to cover the care of our elderly, families in distress, and missionary work. For more details of the missionary work carried out by the Christadelphians worldwide visit:

At Chesterfield we also hold regular coffee mornings to raise funds for:

  • Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Ashgate Hospice
  • Pathways Homeless Shelter
  • Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice
  • Chesterfield Foodbank
  • Make a Wish Foundation
  • Street Kids
  • Water Aid

Christadelphian Samaritan Fund

The Christadelphian Samaritan Fund makes financial contributions to non-Christadelphians to provide for human need and the relief of suffering which is a consequence of war or natural disasters. It supports about 100 established charities involved in the relief of suffering or research into the causes of illness.

They also support the Disasters Emergency Committee, using funds specified for national and international disasters.


Meal-a-Day and 'Send a Cow' joint project. Livestock is given to poor families or groups. The first female progeny must be given to another group. Training in livestock rearing, organic farming and low-cost veterinary support is also provided.

Meal-a-Day School for Handicapped Children. This was established in 1998 at Nalondo, Kenya. Agricultural and animal projects have helped the children's diet and self-sufficiency. Meal-a-Day has agreed funding to double the size of the school.

The Meal-a-Day Fund makes contributions for the relief of people in need in under-developed countries throughout the world and, in particular, provides food and nourishment. For more information see

Shunem Residential Home

Shunem Residential Home in Hyderabad, India, provides for elderly members and friends, together with children with special needs, particularly children of leprosy patients. There are currently 74 children and 11 elderly residents, some handicapped, all of whom would otherwise be homeless. It is completely financed by Christadelphians.

For more information on Shunem Home see their web site

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