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How to Find Us

We can be found on the north edge of Chesterfield town center. The below address and map can be used to find our location.

Chesterfield Christadelphians Hall,
19A Sheffield Road,
S41 7LR

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Other Local Ecclesias


Christadelphian Hall
Creswell Road
S43 4LS

Tell: 01246 810407


Bass Street
Ashbourne Road
DE22 3BR

Tel: 07332 205895


The Peel Centre
Dronfield Civic Centre
S18 1PD

Tel: 0114 2360479


Christadelphian Chruch
Park Road
Mansfield Woodhouse
NG19 8ER

Tel: 07779 476537


Christadelphian Hall
Cemetery Road
S11 8FP

Tel: 0114 272 9442

For other UK Christadelphian Ecclesias has infomation on other UK ecclesias.

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